12 Adoptable Pups of Christmas 2021!

December 06, 2021 7 min read

No Grounds & Hounds holiday is complete without us teaming up with one of our favorite rescues. We're excited to highlight twelve amazing pups who are in need of a little extra help finding their forever family this Christmas! Each of the pups on this list are currently available for adoption and looking for their forever home. Some of them have been waiting quite a long time. So even if you’re not interested in adopting at this time maybe you can send our video or this list to someone who is looking for a new addition. Together we can find them all homes!

Onto the stars of the holiday season!

1. Carmelo - Chi-Town Pitties

9 year old Carmelo hails from the windy city and he’s been looking for a home for over a year now- is it yours? He loves catching treats, sweet kisses, booty scratches and peanut butter in the tub. He’s got good manners but is not a fan of cats: the animal or the musical. His perfect home has no other pets or loud noises. He’s excited to introduce you to his special blend of chill low-key dog..

Find our more or adopt Carmelo by going to: https://chitownpitties.org/adoptables/ 

2.  Ghost- Centre County PAWS

Are you in Pennsylvania? Because you could be giving a big hello to Ghost. Ghost is blind but he doesn’t let that stop him from playing and living life to the absolute fullest. He’s never met a person he doesnt like and oh boy does he absolutely love GIGGLE BALLS! He’s crazy for the sound.

Find our more or adopt Ghost by going to: https://www.centrecountypaws.org/dogs/adopt

3. Reba - SOARescue

Near Nashville? You could be giving a big southern hello to Reba. Reba’s crate and house trained and loves children and other dogs. Also she wouldn’t hate it if you gave her some cuddles.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and then click here to adopt Reba by going to: https://soarnash.org/adoptable-pets

4. Sriracha - Almost There: A Mom + Pups Rescue

Looking for a spicy Soul Pup? Well then say hello to Sriracha who wants to meet you if you’re in Bird City (Phoenix). Unbelievably, she loves people more than toys but she’s great at playing by herself.  She’s gone pro at catching treats and is the perfect work companion. Especially, if you’ll take a little break to dole out some belly rubs and neck scratches.

Find our more or adopt Sriracha by going to: https://www.petfinder.com/dog/sriracha-53085594/az/phoenix/almost-there-a-mom-pups-rescue-az626/

5. Rosebud - HoundHaven Inc.

If you’re near Orlando you could be snuggling Rosebud already! Due to some terrible trauma in her past she can be shy with bigger dogs but is learning to trust again and make friends over time. She loves to lay upside down in a smaller dogs bed and also loves to snuggle on the couch preferably with a human companion she can put a paw on. Protip: That sound you hear? It’s her sweet snoring!

Find our more or adopt Rosebud by going to: https://www.houndhaven.org/dog-rosebud/


If you’re in seattle you’re just 30 minutes away from meeting Frito, a Shar-pei mix. Frito’s been the longest resident of Rescue unleashed and would just love a home for the holidays. Frito’s interests include walks and hikes and keeping that fur on his face and head feeling like smooth velvet. Frito loves other dogs and also is very into playing Tug if you’re down for a quick match.

Find our more or adopt Frito by going to: https://www.rescueunleashed.org/product-page/firu


Say hello to Teddy who only has best friends and guess what? You’re already one of them! Teddy’s great with cats and other dogs. Teddy loves to play and though he’s physically limited he doesn’t want to admit it. Unfortunately, Teddy has some issues which means that he can’t play as hard as he wants to so you may have to remind him to slow down. Like me, Teddy is not into hiking. He’ll need a one story home, continued pain management and physical therapy due to a hip replacement. But don’t worry he’ll pay you back in kisses.

Find our more or adopt Teddy by going to: https://rockymountainlabrescue.com/index.php/available-dogs/dog-bio-sheets

8. Haydog - Pawtastic Friends Las Vegas

If you’re in Vegas and you meet Hay dog you might say, “Yay, dog!”  Look at this perfectly crafted, doggo! This sweet girl has been overlooked in the shelter and loves to use her sniffer. She loves training, especially her rescue nose work and never misses a scent or an opportunity for treats.

Find our more or adopt Haydog by going to: https://www.pawtasticfriends.com/product-page/haydog

 9. Delila - Fluff animal rescue. FL

 If you’re in Florida you can’t ask for a better dog than Deliah, the ultimate sofa sausage. Delila had a rough start and thanks to some amazing volunteers they’ve nursed her back to health and now she’s got her eyes on a forever home. Yours!  She loves to chase lizards even if she never catches them and this whole work from home thing? She’s all in as long as it keeps you around.

Find our more or adopt Delila by going to: https://adoptapet.com/pet/30977018-Seminole-FL?fromShelter=1 

10. Shushu - Street Dog Hero, OR

Shushu is a three year old, Tosa mix that was rescued from a South Korean meat farm. Shushu would love a home with another dog or two, she loves to play yet she’ll never say no to a little slouchy lazy time or a nap. If you’re in Oregon why not see how sweet and playful this pup can be. Shushu is fully house and crate trained.

Find our more or adopt Shushu by going to:  https://www.streetdoghero.org/shushu 

11. Beefcake - SFC VA

OMG! LOOK AT THIS KING! This well trained boy is a lazy couch potato but he’ll never say no if you ask him to hike. Also you should see his full portfolio because this boy loves to pose and look good doing it. He loves to ride around in the car. And if there's a skritch behind the ears on the menu, Beefcake would like to order at least two or three. 

Find our more or adopt Beefcake by going to: https://www.sfcva.org/#sl_embed&page=shelterluv_embed_209821633033625870%252Fembed%252Fanimal%252FSFC-A-752


If you’re in Washington state why not drop by and see if Milly is right to join your home? Milly’s a brindle/boxer mix who’s playful and fun. She loves people especially if it means some cuddle time is in order. She loves to be outside and is always down for a run or a walk.

Find our more or adopt Milly by going to: https://www.rescueunleashed.org/product-page/milly

Ahhhh it was hard to stop at just 12 so here’s a few more doggos who are just as cute and just as deserving of a home this holiday season. Could some even be cuter than our chosen 12 dogs? Maybe...but you’ll have to keep reading to find out.


13. Kochanski SFC VA

Kochanski’s a smarty in Virginia who loves adventures. When you meet him he’s sure to be excited to greet you and he’s always in for a game of fetch. You’ll rest easy knowing Kochanski’s got your back and will be loyal to the end.

Find our more or adopt Kochanski by going to:SFC VA

14. SAM - Pawtastic Friends, Las Vegas NV 

AWWW SAM! This big boy’s full name is Samurai and he’s been in rescue since 2018. Sam’s an absolute teddy bear and loves to do a little dressing up. But his hobbies haven’t stopped him from being front of the class when it comes to his training. Smart AND sweet? What a combo?

Find our more or adopt Sam by going to: https://www.pawtasticfriends.com/single-post/pf-scholar-spotlight-of-the-month-samurai

15. Calvin- Speranza Animal Rescue, Mechanicsburg, Pa

If you’re in Pennsylvania give a big wave and a hiya howdy to Calvin. He was born in the lone star state but he’s trying to make a new life in Pennsylvania and he’s absolutely filled to the brim with the energy to do it!

Find our more or adopt Calvin by going to: Petfinder Here

16. Ethel - Love and Paws Rescue, Fort Worth, TX

Sweet old lady, Ethel wants to say howdy y’all. Ethel’s a ten year old terrier mix in Fort Worth who’s low maintenance, potty and kennel trained and desperate for a cozy bed and some snuggles. In fact she’ll sit at your feet and ask for pets and tap you to say, “I would like more please.” Ethel’s an open book and you’ll be able to see what you mean to her on her face when she’s gazing up at you.

Find our more or adopt Ethel by going to: https://lovepawspg.org/browse/browse-adoptable-dogs/ 

17. Redding - Boise Bully Breed Rescue, Meridian, ID

Redding’s a 4 year old turnkey pupper who just graduated from training and wants to impress a brand new family in Idaho with his skills. Wishlist includes a chill family like yours that he can snuggle with and chill out with on the couch, some car rides and a nice chill out in the cool grass. He’ll reward you with an opportunity to rub his belly which seems like an absolute steal to us.  

Find our more or adopt Redding by going to: http://www.boisebullybreedrescue.com/page14.html

18. Reggie- Save-A-Mutt, Silvana, WA

If you’re in Washington you absolutely must meet Reggie, a true 10 year old gentleman with impeccable manners, a winning personality and a big heart. They call that a triple threat heart melter! Reggie loves people and squeaky toys and he’s a champion sunbather, no apartment living for this boy. He’s gotta live free! He’s gonna be happiest with you by his side romping around in a backyard.

Find our more or adopt Reggie by going to: https://www.petfinder.com/dog/reggie-52985027/wa/silvana/save-a-mutt-wa630/







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