Microlot Series West Java

The fertile volcanic soils of Java was the first location outside of Arabia and Ethiopia where coffee was widely cultivated. Coming from this historic region, we're excited to release our second coffee in our Microlot Series! Grown in the steep and rocky, volcanic soil mountains of Western Java, this unique microlot coffee features a rich and creamy texture with a natural sweetness which is beautifully balanced by delicate notes of rose petal and orange blossom. We have a very limited supply of this incredible coffee, so don't wait long to try these beans!

  • 8 oz. 
  • Cultivated in Ciwidey, West Java
  • Blue Batavia Varietal
  • Light Roast
  • Semi-Washed 
  • Grown 3,750+ Feet Above Sea Level
  • Fully Traceable Sourcing
  • Recommended Brewing Method: French Press or CHEMEX

Coffee Profile

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