Microlot Series Colombia Saldo Blanco

Our most popular Microlot release ever is back for a limited time! Grown over 1.75 kilometers above sea level, this delicate, juicy, mouthwatering light roast micro lot coffee showcases the finest Tabi varietal green coffee from one of the world’s best growing regions. Grown high in the mountains of Saldo Blanco, Hulia in Colombia, our limited edition microlot coffee features only the best green coffee grown by producer Jaime Romero. Delicate hints of plum and tropical fruit are immediately noticed with rich and savory notes of toasted vanilla, sugar cane, and toffee on the first sip. Additionally, this coffee is sourced using a fully traceable tracking method from farm to cup, so we are able to ensure the highest quality and handling standards are met and that the hardworking growers are fairly compensated for their masterful work! 

We have a very limited supply of this incredible coffee, so don't wait long to try these beans!

  • 8 oz. 
  • Cultivated in Saldo Blanco, Huila 
  • Tabi Varietal
  • Light Roast
  • Washed 
  • Fermented in Concrete Tanks for 18-28 Hours
  • Naturally Sun Dried for 15-18 Days
  • Grown 5.700-6,000 Feet Above Sea Level
  • SCAA Cupping Score 86+
  • Fully Traceable Sourcing
  • Recommended Brewing Method: Pour Over or CHEMEX

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