Wake. Brew. Rescue. Repeat.™ Sunday Shirt

Wake. Brew. Rescue. Repeat.™ We believe that these four simple words can change the world! And, with your support, we are going to provide a second chance for every pup in need of a helping hand. Our top selling Women's tee captures the Grounds & Hounds mission using blended typeface printed on the softest, "perfect for a lazy Sunday on the couch with my dog", cotton we could find. 

  • White Print on Black Fabric
  • White Print on Heather Grey Fabric 
  • White Print on Maroon Marble Fabric (this fabric is thin and will show apparel beneath the top)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Fits True to Size (Designed to be baggy)
  • Slightly Tapered Fit
  • Made in America
Marble Maroon
Charcoal Black
Soft Grey