Microlot Guatemalan Guaya'b

Grown in the lush Huehuetenengo region of Guatemala by the Guyua'b cooperative, our newest microlot release is a must try for every coffee explorer. The local members of Guaya'b have perfected the art of picking and processing their coffee to produce deep, juicy, and full flavored beans with unique and mouthwatering character. Featuring juicy notes of Chocolate Covered Cherries, Ripe Stone fruit, and Savory Caramel, we think this may be our finest microlot release to date! 

Additionally, through sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural methods, this coffee is able to boast Bird Friendly Certification from the Smithsonian Institute! 

  • Light Roast
  • Whole Bean
  • 8 oz. 
  • 100% Fair Trade Certified
  • Bird Friendly
  • Variety: Bourbon Typica, Caturra and Catuai 
  • Grown 3,000-4,500 f.a.s.l