There is only one thing more enjoyable than a fresh-brewed cup of coffee in the morning, and that is to see a dog’s wagging tail when you roll out of bed.


To our four-legged friends, each day is a new adventure, full of possibilities and excitement. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. was born out of our passion to give back to the animals who selflessly provide us with so much happiness.

20% of all proceeds received by Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. will be donated to our rescue partner located closest to you. We strive to support the hard-working rescue organizations in your community with funds generated by your purchase, which will help give our sheltered friends the second-chance that they deserve.

We have a chance to do something great, and we would love for you to join us.

How It All Began

In the spring of 2012, I unexpectedly stumbled upon a dog adoption operating on the side of Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, CA. I was in no way planning, or prepared to adopt a rescue animal when I left the house that morning, but when a malnourished, brown and white, Dalmatian crawled into my lap, it was clear that I would be welcoming a new member to my family. She immediately became the center of my life and I cannot imagine a day without her.

Similar stories occur thousands of times each week, yet there is still a drastic shortfall of suitable homes and safe haven shelters for abandoned dogs. We strongly believe that every dog, young and old, deserves a second chance at a better life with a loving family.

Why coffee? Coffee is the drink of revolutions. Where coffee has come, change has followed. It has led to kings being overthrown, countries revolting against unjust rule and now it is time for coffee to revolutionize the way we treat our furry friends in need. I have loved coffee since I took my first sip on a cold Pittsburgh morning as a 12 year old. For the past 15 years, my passion for the perfect brew has led me to seek out amazing coffees all over the world. It really is a dream come true to be on the other side of the bag, bringing delicious, fresh roasted coffee to your home.


In the words of the great philosopher Charles Schultz, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” I hope you love our coffee, and I hope you will join us on our no kill mission.  -Jordan Karcher

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals.” – Gandhi

Our Coffee

Our passion for rescuing dogs is only rivaled by our passion for creating the perfect coffee. Our green coffee is 100% Fair Trade and Organic certified, and we carefully source our beans from the best growing regions in the world. We then roast each batch to bring out the beans unique characteristics, ensuring that you have an amazing experience every time you brew a cup of Grounds & Hounds coffee.

Our Partners

Each day our partners go to battle to ensure our four-legged friends have an opportunity to bring happiness into new homes. We cannot say enough about our admiration and appreciation for the work that our rescue partners undertake. Whether it is driving 10 hours to save one dog’s life, or searching through a dilapidated home to rescue a puppy, our partners make our dream of a no kill policy closer to a reality. Please take some time to learn more about your local rescue organization and how we can mobilize the no kill movement!