12 Adoptable Pups of Christmas

December 11, 2019 4 min read


This holiday season, we have teamed up with a few of our favorite rescues to bring awareness to 12 adoptable pups who need a little extra help finding a family this Christmas! Big, small, young and old - what could be better than giving one of these dogs the gift of happily ever after. All of our featured friends have been waiting for their forever families longer than their shelter mates, so we hope shining a spotlight on their amazing personalities will help each pup find the perfect family! 


12.) Friskie - Frisco, TX

Hi, I'm Friskie!  I'm a 3 year old shepherd/hound mix who will keep you on your toes. I'm energetic and intelligent -- I even know how to open door latches! So if you're near my wonderful caretakers at Firehouse Animal Rescue, you should come down and say hello!


11.) Nika - Wanaque, NJ

Greetings from Wanaque!  I'm Nika and I'm a sweet and playful girl.  When I get comfortable with you, I love to put all my favorite toys in a neat little pile.  I've been with All Humane Animal Rescue for over 4 years, now, so I'm really, really ready for my forever home... as long as that home doesn't have any other dogs, cats or young children.  I could use a very experienced pup parent like you!


10.) Cloey - Pittsburgh, PA

Hello, I'm Cloey!  I'm probably the best snuggle buddy anybody has ever known.  I'm about 6 years old and, though I have some minor medical issues, they don't slow me down.  If you want to know more about me, you should talk to Humane Animal Rescue, the wonderful people who have been caring for me the last 2 months.


9.) Angel - Punta Santiago, Humacao, Puerto Rico

My name is Angel.  Which makes sense, because I'm a total angel.  My name could also be resilience, as I've undergone a beautiful transformation here at Punta Santiago Dogs over the last 5 months.  Now that I'm back in great health, I'm ready for a forever home.  I'm great with other dogs, but not sure about kids or cats -- I don't know if I've met those things before!


8.) Kellan - Smithfield, PA

Hello! Hey! Hi!  I'm Kellan, and I've got a lot of energy.  I'm not just looking for a forever family, but also a doggie brother or sister who doesn't mind getting a little rowdy!  I can play a little rough at times, but my friends who know me well are cool with it.  I love the outdoors and I really love to swim!  If you're the family that can keep up with me, please find me at the Animal Care Sanctuary!


7.) Hershey - Maryville, TN

My name is Hershey and I am so excited to meet you!  I'm a really happy boy, who is gentle with kids, but playful with my dog friends.  They say I have really good manners, so my caretakers at MAARC aren't afraid to take me out in public so I can get ALL the love and treats.  I'm ready for my forever family whether they have dogs or kids or none at all.  Just no cats, please.


6.) Tonto - Vancouver, WA

They call me Tonto and I'm a friend to all!  I am really eager to please, I love doing whatever you like to do.  Whether it's taking a nap or taking a hike, you can count me in!  I'm even good with cats, as long as they're the kind who like dogs.  I'm also great with kids and other dogs, as long as they're female.  I think you should talk to Wigglin' Home Boxer Rescue and get to know me better.


5.) Juno - Philadelphia, PA

I'm Juno and I'm a beautiful Bully Breed mix who is about 2 ½ years old.  I'm good with other dogs, crate trained and house trained.  I'm also pretty good on the leash, if I do say so myself.  I've been with a great foster family for 10 months through Philly Bully Team, but they know it's time for me to find my permanent family.  I'd love a calm household with older dogs and older kids.


4.) Watson - Research Triangle Region, NC

Watson, here.  I know I look like a senior with these gray patches, but can you believe I'm a pup of just 2 years?  When you meet me, you will definitely believe it, as I've got energy to spare.  I'm fluent in basic commands and go right to my crate when it's bedtime.  Though I can be quite the cuddle-bug, my caretakers at Hope Animal Rescue think I should live in a place with no kids or other animals.

Under the care of our friends at: K94Keeps

3.) Zelda - Chicago, IL

Oh, hello, I'm Zelda!  When I go for my daily walk, any human I meet is my new best friend.  My three favorite games to play are fetch, tug of war and try to sleep in the sunny spot on the floor that keeps moving.  The very nice people at K94Keeps say that I should be the only child in the house, human or animal.  But, that's okay, you'll see that I'm totally worth being your home's spoiled pup.


2.) Mika - Seattle, WA

Hi everybody, I'm Mika!  I've been in foster care for over three years, I'm ready to go home!  I'm a happy and cuddly dog who has got basic commands down and I'm totally crate trained.  I'm really loving, but I need to be the only pet in an adult-only house.  Please get in touch with Forgotten Dog Rescue and let's meet up.


1.) Wilson - New York, NY

Look at me, I'm Wilson!  I'm a city dog, totally at ease around the big noises of the Big Apple.  But I also love having space to run around.  I'm so, so active, I love playing with other pups.  Sure, I'm on seizure medication, but it's keeping my condition totally under control.  I don't like to be alone, so maybe if we hit it off, you could bring me to work with you? Reach out to the kind people at Social Tees Animal Rescue if you'd like me to be your pup. 

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