The 12 Perfect Pups of Christmas

December 17, 2022 5 min read

It’s time for our favorite, and most important, post of the season! Teaming up with some of our favorite rescues, here are 12 adoptable pups that need a little extra help finding their forever home.  Even if you’re not ready for a new pup in your life, sharing their stories could lead them to the perfect family.

1. Maximus - Street Dog Foundation - Memphis, TN
Maximus was born into Streetdog Foundation, was adopted out, and returned to us. He is the sweetest boy who loves to go for walks and snuggle on the couch. He is a pro at shaking with both paws and will do anything for a treat or two. Streetdog Foundation would love nothing more than for Max to find his forever home for the holidays.
2. Dave - The Animal Pad - San Diego, CA
Dave is a remarkably intelligent dog and is unbelievably athletic. He loves to play fetch and learn new tricks. Dave is potty trained, crate trained, and has excellent house manners. He is unsure of new people but once he's your friend, he is the most loyal companion.
3. Cypress - Country Road Animal Rescue - Waynesboro, TN
Cypress was found as a stray. He is a sweet boy and very well behaved. He appears to be around 4-5 years old. He is not super energetic. He will chase a toy, but doesn't bring it back (it's like he become uninterested by the time he gets it lol). He appears to be potty trained (he does not potty in his kennel). He does not bark a lot (I've only heard him bark a few times). If you are looking for a laid back house dog, he would be perfect for you! He has not been dog tested yet, but does not appear to be reactive. He came in with 2 really bad ear infections, that are being treated.
4. Budreau - Oregon Humane Society 
Budreau is the sweetest boy! He gets an A+ in manners and smarts. He will do tricks for treats and has become a shelter favorite with staff and volunteers. He's looking for someone who loves play time and cuddle time. He was found as a stray in Washington County and was transferred to Oregon Humane Society. He is currently a member of our running team. Each week he has been in the shelter, he gets taken out by our Running Team volunteers to go on special one on one runs near the shelter.
5. Outlaw - DPS Rescue - Romoland, CA
Outlaw was scheduled for euthanasia at a local shelter. When he first came into our rescue, he was scared of everyone and would act out to protect himself. He's been in a super dedicated foster home for over a year now and they've been doing training with him, and he is a whole new dog! Outlaw is loving with his people, great on a leash, and loves going on adventures. He also adores other dogs of all shapes and sizes!
6. Phoebe - Pup Culture Rescue - Encino, CA
Phoebe is a total comedian and she is fantastic with kids, a great off leash hiker, and total best friend material. She is goofy and despite being 40lbs, loves to be scooped up like a human infant. Her squishy nose makes her primary method of communication snorting. We don’t know how’s it’s possible for her to not have found her forever family yet.
7. Teddy Bear - Pasadena Humane Society - Pasadena, CA
Teddy loves playing with toys and romping around the yard with them, happily throwing them in the air and bouncing around chasing them like an excited kid. He even likes to dig through the toy supply to make sure he gets his favorite! ⁠ We suspect that Teddy is a Kangal or other guardian breed mix. While you definitely do not need livestock for Teddy to protect, you will need to be prepared that he won’t be a big fan of strangers coming too close to his people. ⁠ Teddy would thrive in a calm environment with a small core group of people. His playful nature really comes out with the people he has grown close to at the shelter. Given patience and love, you’ll soon find that you’ve ended up with a big Teddy bear. 
8. Stella - All 4 Paws Rescue - Malvern, PA
Stella is quirky! This potato is unlike any dog we have met! She has a big personality, and knows what she wants. She snorts, grumbles, barks, air chomps, and groans to communicate her wants and needs. We truly have never met such a character! Stella's favorite toy is a squeaky rubber chicken (as you can see in the videos). Her air chomps when she is displeased with her foster mama because she stopped booty scratches are the cutest!
9. Ramon - Karma Rescue - Santa Monica, CA
Ramon is an older gentleman who enjoys an evening stroll and cuddles on the couch. He is a sweet soul, who loves nothing more than showing how much he loves and appreciates you (or his foster siblings) with plenty of kisses! He is house-trained, neutered, up to date on vaccines and he does well with other dogs and children. He is not a big fan of cats, however. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy who will also get you out for a walk, Ramon is your dog.
10. Blueberry Pancake - Austin Humane Society - Austin, TX
Blueberry is such a sweet boy and absolutely loves people and stuffed toys. He knows multiple commands, is house trained and will grab as many stuffies in his mouth as he can. He is also very unique looking with one blue eye and one brown eye.
11. Clifford - Ace Of Hearts Dog Rescue - Beverly Hills, CA
Clifford is an amazing love bug! He is great with all dogs, big and small. He loves people and is a shadow to his foster, following her everywhere. He loves attention and cuddles and LOVES his favorite stuffed animal, which he carries everywhere. He's truly the definition of a gentle giant!
12. Verda - Muddy Paws Rescue
Verda is such a good girl and LOVES other dogs. That's probably the cutest thing about her, she is obsessed with making dog friends and is great with them. A lot of longer-stay pups can't be placed with other dogs but not Verda! She's a dog-friend making machine.

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