For every coffee-sipping, rescue-loving, pup parent on your nice list this holiday season, we’re excited to release our 2020 holiday gift guide to help you find the perfect present for everyone this season. 

As every new pup parent knows, there’s nothing better than a steady supply of coffee to help you with the surprise late night play sessions and early morning wake up calls for walkies. From new pup parents and fitness fanatics, to outdoor adventurers and pibble lovers, we’ve pulled together our human-tested, and pup -approved, picks for you! 

For the Dog Mom:

For the Dog Dad:

Good Boy Dark Roast
$ 15.99

For the Adventurer:

Microlot Tanzanian Peaberry
$ 18.99

For the Pibble Parent:

Lovable Blend
$ 15.99
white mug with blue interior and three pit bull dog head design
$ 13.99

For the Coffee Lover:

Roaster's Select
$ 16.99
Airtight Coffee Canister
$ 44.99

Make every gift a little more impactful when you shop with Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.! 

20% of all profits support rescue pups in need throughout the country, so you and your lucky gift recipient can feel even better when that special box is unwrapped on the big day!