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  • A very Happy Birthday to our Grounds & Hounds cofounder, Molly! Our favorite Dalmatian is turning 8 today, and of course we had to throw her a party. She deserves it, of course!

    A dog party is fun for humans and pups alike, and preparation is definitely key. Here are 5 tips to organize the best Dog Party of the season.

    1. Let them eat cake! 

    Wow your furry guests with a cake made especially for them. Local pet supply stores often make dog-friendly offerings, and there are bakeries dedicated exclusively to this craft. Homemade treats are also a great move, and we love recipes that feature ingredients we probably have on hand (peanut butter and oats)! Pick up or prepare a treat for the birthday boy or girl, and prepare to witness a hilarious sugar rush.

    2. Stay cool. 

    Combining a big group of furry friends and their owners is really fun, but also extremely energizing. Make sure to set up a separate room or area for dogs to cool down, settle down, and maybe even take a quick nap. When the events are in full swing, this little retreat will provide a nice break from the rush of the party. Added bonus: this little dog sanctuary can even help to keep pup behavior top notch (post-sugar meltdowns can be real).

    3. Stage a photo booth. 

    Birthday parties are the perfect backdrop for memories. Grab a few props, create a fun background, and charge up your cameras. Sunglasses, tutus, and matching bandanas work like a charm. Cuteness overload.

    4. Snacks for everyone (people, too!)

    While the humans might not get a slice of the dog friendly cake, they’ll get hungry watching all the fun. Set out a plate of shareable snacks (think carrots or apples with peanut butter) and keep yourself and your pup well-fed and happy all party long.

    5. Puppy party favors. 

    This one really goes that extra mile. One of the best parts of a party is always the little goodie bag that you leave with, right? So, create a parting gift for your furry guests. Treats and squeaky toys are crowd pleasers.The party will be the talk of the dog park!

    Put together the best puppy party favors using these essentials: 

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