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  • Help This Handsome Pup Find His Forever Family

    October 26, 2020 2 min read

    Meet Chester. This sweet pup has been at California Bully Rescue since February of this year. But his story goes back even further -- when CA Bully Rescue pulled him from the shelter, they discovered it was his third time there. He had been adopted and returned twice. It turns out Chester is completely deaf, and that might've been a bit too much for some adopters to handle.

    After spending time with volunteers and fosters from CA Bully Rescue, and getting some special training from Deaf Dog Rescue of America, Chester is ready for his forever home. His trainers believe his issues likely stem from humans not understanding how to communicate with him and giving up on him. He simply needs a human who is into structure.

    He has excelled in his foster home. He gets along with small dogs, big dogs, cats, and toddlers. But he does have his quirks. He gets bursts of energy and will get the zoomies. He also gets spooked easily when walking up on him from behind, perhaps because he can't hear you approaching. But he appears to thrive in an environment with rules and boundaries.

    Chester's foster says that, in addition to his other great attributes, he is the best sleeper she's ever seen. She says, "I’ve never seen a dog sleep so soundly for such large periods of time. He’s crate trained, housebroken, and has amazing leash manners. He’s eager to please his handlers. He needs a confident handler who can be his leader and give him direction."

    In the right home, Chester is 100% capable of being a well-rounded, sweet pup. Can you help us find that home?

    To find out more about Chester, please reach out to California Bully Rescue:

    And to learn more about how to impact pups with Grounds & Hounds be sure to visit our Impact Page!

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