How Joining a Coffee Club Can Save You Time and Money

April 13, 2021

We created the Grounds & Hounds subscription coffee club with our busiest customers in mind. The idea is pretty simple: Never run out of coffee and put rescue on repeat. But did you know that joining the coffee club can save you time and money, too? Here’s how.


We hope you’re already ordering delicious Grounds & Hounds coffee to brew and enjoy at home. But if you’re still hitting the local corporate coffee conglomerate, think of all the time you’d save by brewing at home. If it takes even 7 minutes to get a cup of coffee prepared for you, 5 days a week, not even counting the drive time, that’s nearly 30.5 hours PER YEAR of waiting for your brew. Would you rather spend a full day and a quarter every year waiting for coffee, or use that time to snuggle your pup?

But let’s say you’re already all aboard the G&H train. Good for you! If you find yourself having to place the same order for some delicious Mexican Chiapas… why not cut out that hassle and join the club? Sure, it may only be a few minutes a month you save, but you’ll also save money…


We don’t even need to get into the coffee shop scenario. That’s been played out across every pearl-clutching, avocado toast media story over the past several years. It’s expensive to buy a cup of coffee every day. Brewing at home is much cheaper. Period. And 20% of the profit from your purchase goes to help rescue pups, if that coffee happens to be Grounds & Hounds.

But the savings extend beyond that. All subscription coffee club members receive flat rate shipping for their orders. And with the complete flexibility of the subscription coffee club, there’s no reason not to sign up.

With Coffee Club, you can set the frequency and quantity. You can change them at any time, for free. You can cancel at any time, for free. The only risk of joining the Coffee Club is you might accidentally save on shipping. And then accidentally buy a new dog bed with some of those savings. So, okay, there’s definitely a little risk.

We hope you see the time and money benefits of joining the Coffee Club. We created it for you! And every other dog loving, coffee drinking awesome person in your life. So go ahead and sign up. And maybe give a subscription as a gift, too. We’ve got reasons the Coffee Club makes a great gift, too.

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