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  • Now this is the Summer Friday we’ve been waiting for. Today is national Take Your Dog To Work Day, and we’re here to help you and your best friend (🐶) celebrate. Here at Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co., we know a thing (or 5) about dog proofing the office. 

    1. Coworkers, meet dog. 💼 🐕 

    Puppy show and tell, office edition. Your coworkers will finally get to put a furry face to the name, and this meet and greet helps to set the tone for the day. These one-on-one introductions help to socialize your dog with the other pups in the office, and the people they’ll encounter in office. The more acquainted they can get with their new work friends and surroundings, the better. Plus, more belly rubs. 

    Why this matters: Take Your Dog To Work Day is a fun opportunity to bond with coworkers, but it could also be pretty overwhelming to a first time office going pup. Start slowly with these one-on-one interactions, and set the day up for success. 

    2. Secure the area. 🧐

    The office is a great place for your dog to find new walking routes, meet new friends, and to experience your day-to-day routine. However, the office is definitely hazard central. Snacks containing chocolate lurk at desks, electronic wires could mean disaster, and small pen caps and other knick knacks are all around. Do not fear, just do a clean sweep of the designated desk area that your dog will be hanging at all day, and stay alert.

    Why this matters: Safety first. At home, it’s easier to control our pup’s surroundings, and the office isn’t usually dog ready. But, with a careful eye, everyone can stay safe and happy all day long.

    3. Do not give them coffee! ☕️ 🥤

    As much as we love it, caffeine is toxic for dogs. Maybe put some whip cream in a mug, though, because that’d be pretty cute. Brew yourself a cup of Grounds & Hounds, make that puppuccino, and get after it! 

     Why this matters: Coffee is an essential part of all office routines, but it’s important to cater to your dog’s unique dietary needs. Bring a water bowl, lots of food and treats, and some whipped cream -- you’ll be good to go!

    4. Designate a fairy-dog-parent. 💫 

    A fairy-dog-parent = a coworker that can watch your pup while you’re in meetings or away from your desk. We never want to leave our dogs unattended in the office, so it’s great to go into Take Your Dog To Work Day with a designated guardian who can watch your pup in your absence. Choose your work BFF, the coworker who takes long walks, or your deskmate who brought extra dog treats. Your dog and the fairy-dog-parent will thank you! 

     Why this matters:The office is a new and exciting space for dogs, but it’s also unfamiliar. By designating a helper, you’ve ensured that should anything unexpected come up, or should your dog need a break from the desk, they have someone there to tend to their needs.

    5. Carve out time. 👩‍💻 👨‍💻

    Being a dog parent takes time. Potty breaks, petting breaks, and snack time aren’t a part of your usual workplace routine. Though it’s been proven that happiness and productivity increases for employees when dogs are allowed in office, we want to eliminate any barriers to yearlong dog-friendly offices (the dream for all of us!). Allocate an extra 30 minutes to your time at the office, and your boss will thank you (your pup will also thank you for the walks and coworker friends). 

     Why this matters:Take Your Dog To Work Day is a great step in the path to a dog-friendly office, permanently. Employers will be more motivated to introduce this work perk if the day goes well and if employees are still getting their best work done. So, follow these steps and enjoy one of the best holidays of the year (aside from National Coffee Day of course!).

    Try these office essentials to help you and pup rock the workday, everyday.

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