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  • Though we’re in the prime of summer, we can’t help but let our mind’s wonder towards cozy, festive times. Here at Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co., we (our team and our pups!) know a thing or two about spreading holiday cheer, no matter the season. Find out below how we keep the holiday spirit alive all year round.

    1. Stop and smell the coffee 

    The holidays lend themselves to simple joys, quiet mornings, and ample time spent relaxing. The key to happy times lies in appreciating the simple pleasures of the everyday, and we love to do that with a big mug full of the good stuff, be that in July or on Christmas morning. Our coffee is 100% Organic, 100% Fair Trade, and 100% roasted with love.

    2. Playtime with pup: rain, snow, or shine 

    Our four-legged best friends crave our time, attention, and exercise 365 days a year. We love that about them: they keep us active, keep us happy, and there’s nothing like the joy of their faces as we approach the dog park, their favorite hike, or a snowy hill for them to climb. Say the word “walk” and pup’s face will light up as if it were Christmas Morning!

    3. Pay it forward 

    Lend a stranger at the dog park a hand as they wrangle their pack, brew a fresh pot of coffee for your coworkers, or compliment a friend. These conscious acts of kindness lead to connection and joy, and it doesn’t get more Christmasy than that. Here at Grounds & Hounds, it’s our mission to pay it forward. 20% of all profits are deployed to our rescue organizations working to make the second-chance mission a reality. We can all make an impact, on our neighbors, our families, strangers, and rescue animals that need our support.

    4. Send a gift, just because 

    The holidays are about togetherness, and sometimes they’re our only opportunity to come face to face with those we love. In times of distance, there’s nothing better than a surprise “just thinking of you” or “thought you’d love this” gift. Big or small, this kind gesture goes a long way and these moments of connection are priceless, heart-warming, and so memorable. This July, act like Santa and send their favorite coffee and a note letting them know how much you care. Prepare for lots of hugs (virtual or in-person!).

    Christmas in july essentials 

    Snow Day Winter Roast
    $ 16.99
    Hot Cocoa
    $ 15.99
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