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  • The 12 Perfect Pups Of Xmas

    December 19, 2023 8 min read

    It’s time for our favorite, and most important post of the season! Teaming up with some of our favorite rescues, here are 12 amazing pups that need a little extra help finding their forever home. Even if you’re not ready for a new pup in your life, sharing their stories could lead them to the perfect family #rescuehappiness

    1. Cloe: The Animal Pad

    Age: 7 years old

    Gender: Female

    Breed: Shepherd mix

    Weight: 68 lbs

    Personality: Big teddy bear who loves to snuggle! She has an impulsive/reactive streak and training has helped her tremendously!

    Education: Good with bathroom and leash training

    Favorite Activities: Loves to snuggle up and chill out with her people, sunbathe, and play with her squeaky toys!

    Looking for: A patient, loving home with only adults and as an only dog or with a very calm large dog. A secure fenced in yard would be great to limit her walks outside and help with restraining her impulsive nature.

    #2. Peety: The Anti-Cruelty Society

    Age: 4 years old

    Location: Currently available for adoption at our River North Adoption Center

    About: Peety was surrendered to us when his previous pawrent moved and could no longer keep him. He has a sweet and curious nature and loves to politely accept treats from his favorite humans! He can be a bit shy at first but warms up quickly to show his friendly side. Peety is a well-behaved boy who loves pets, is house and crate trained, and is an ideal fit for many homes. We believe he may be able to live with another pup if given a slow, well planned, and thought-out introduction plan!

    3. Casper: Beagle Freedom Project

    Age: 8
    Breed: Beagle
    Location: Southern CA
    Backstory: We just recently liberated Casper from a life of being tested on. He is now FREE after 8 years!
    Bio: My name is Casper! I'm the sweetest gentleman ever. I love snuggles, sitting on laps, and going on road trips. I enjoy playing with other dogs, taking afternoon naps, and staying by my human's side as much as possible. I am a gentle soul with a heart of gold. I'm looking for a family who will give me snuggles forever and ever!
    If you are interested in adopting Casper, please fill out an adoption application at https://bfp.org/rescue/ and email us with questions: adopt@bfp.org.4.

    #4 Ajax: The Anti-Cruelty Society: ADOPTED!!! 

    Age: 10 years old
    Location: Currently available for adoption at our River North Adoption Center
    About: Two weeks ago, Ajax was found loyally standing next to his human, who had tragically passed away three days prior. Ajax spent the last 10 years of his life with his favorite human by his side but now he is now looking for a new loving place to call home during his golden years. Please help us find Ajax the perfect forever family!

    #5. Bambino: Wags & Walks

    Hey, Bambino here. Are you looking for a happy, friendly bff with the best underbite in LA? I think I’m your guy! I’m a 5 year old poodle weighing about 11 pounds. Even though I’m small, I’m an active dude! I love accompanying my human for errands, brunches or hikes. I also enjoy car rides, hanging out on the lap of anyone that’ll have me and cozy days on the couch. I went to training with All Dogs Society where I worked on general manners, being polite with other dogs and high value item resource guarding tendencies. I learned a lot and am ready to find the forever home I deserve! I’ll do best with a family that is going to continue giving me structure and boundaries. I’m up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.

    #6. Haddie: The Animal Pad

    Age: 3 years old
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Lab mix
    Weight: 43 lbs
    Personality: Very sweet and friendly, just needs a helping hand to get over initial anxiety and dog reactivity(boundary frustration)
    Education: Good with bathroom and working on leash training
    Favorite Activities: Loves walks, running on the beach, sniffing, cuddling, playing with older kids.
    Looking for: A loving home with lots of patience as she learns that she is going to be safe. She'd love to be around kids and prefers to be the only dog in the home. But if her boundary frustration is handled well, she can be with well-matched/submissive dogs with slow introduction. In home with children 10 and up only

    #7: Nutmeg: Beagle Freedom Project

    Age: 3
    Breed: Pittie Mix
    Location: Southern CA but can be transported to the right home
    Backstory: We liberated Nutmeg from a horrific laboratory in Mexico with some of the most inhumane testing we have ever seen. She has been waiting for her forever home for an entire year now.
    Bio: Ruuufff! I'm Nutmeg, and I'm the sweetest gal you'll ever meet. If you're looking for a cuddler and a great family dog, then I'm the pup for you. My foster family says that I "have an infinite amount of love to give to my favorite humans. Belly rubs, toys, and naps are a few of my favorite things. As much as I love relaxation, I do still enjoy walks, playtime, and adventures as well. I would prefer to go to a home where I am the only animal, so that I can soak up ALL of your attention! I'm also SUPER smart. I've already learned how to give a high-five! If you decide to take me home, you are in for a lifetime of snuggles, laughter, and love.
    If you are interested in adopting Grace, please fill out an adoption application at https://bfp.org/rescue/ and email us with questions: adopt@bfp.org.

    #8: Udon: Players For Pits

    Udon is a handsome, athletic, white-and-brown pit. He is likely around 2-3 years old. Udon was found abandoned in a backyard/alley with no food or water. The finder said he had an injured back leg, but by how much he loves to play, you would never be able to tell he was hurt!
    Udon attended playgroup with several other dogs while he was at the shelter. While he was a little unsure at first, he found a rhythm during play time, and could potentially have a canine sibling with slow introductions.
    Udon is very food motivated and loves his toys. He would probably do best with older children who are respectful. Udon has a puppy playfulness and loves tennis balls, running around the backyard, and self-entertaining with squeaky toys. However, he is also great at settling down with a peanut butter Kong or taking a nap on his bed.
    Udon can catch treats mid-air! He is also very gentle taking treats and has a perfect sit. He is a perfect angel in his crate!
    He has a bright-eyed look, has a sweet energy, is a kind soul, and loves to be by his people. His life started out pretty rough, and he deserves a wonderful home. Udon LOVES car rides and is so athletic! He enjoys hanging out in the backyard and will be your playtime buddy.
    Three words to describe Udon? Affectionate, playful, and curious!
    Looking for a playful cuddle bug to complete your home? Fill out an application here: https://www.playersforpits.com/adoption-survey
    If you have specific questions before applying, please feel free to email joe@playersforpits.com If you are interested in adopting please go directly to www.playersforpits.com to apply. Inquires without specific questions will not be replied to.

    #9: Gizmo: Wags & Walks

    Hey there. My name is Gizmo. Do you like my adorable speckles and floppy ears? I’m a super handsome boy! I’m a 1.5 year old akita/bulldog mix weighing in at about 70 pounds. I’m a super smart boy who loves to learn and take direction from my handler. I’ll make a great buddy for someone with an active lifestyle who is excited to take me on outdoor adventures. I’ve completed training school with Pack Potential where I’ve worked on my leash skills and building confidence around other pups. I’ll be most comfortable in a home with no other animals or children, and one that will provide structure and boundary. In return I’ll be the most loyal pup around! I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, neutered and vaccinated.

    #10 Turbo: Best Friends Animal Society

    Location: West LA
    Looks like: Bulldog / Mixed
    Estimated Birthdate: June 24, 2019
    Size: Medium
    Color: Brindle with White
    Sex: Male

    Turbo is a very big personality in a small package! This boy is always up for the next adventure and just beams positivity and happiness. Turbo can be a little clumsy at times, but he would love a patient home that will help him mind his manners and let him explore the exciting world around him. He has shared a home with cats and other dogs and would do best in a home that can continue his training.

    His foster describes him as sweet, mellow, and loyal. He loves belly rubs and cuddles, and though he is very playful, he loves cuddling on the couch just as much. He is house trained, crate trained, and a joy to have around. As his foster says, "Turbo is truly one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met and would be an amazing addition to a loving family. All he wants is to love and be loved!"

    #11 Daisy: Players For Pits

    Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
    Color: Brindle
    Age: 6 Years 3 Months Old, Adult
    Size (When Grown): Large 61-100 Lbs (28-45 Kg)
    Sex: Female

    Daisy is the sweetest pit-mix with a black and white coat. Daisy was brought back to the rescue when her loving family was unable to continue providing her the best care. She is a sweetheart who deserves to continue being loved as she was.

    Daisy is the perfect companion for someone looking for a laid back partner in crime. She enjoys her walks, car rides, toys, and chewing on her bones, but she will NEVER say no to a cuddle on the couch and staying in. Daisy does great when she's left alone. She will wait patiently for you to return home and greet you at the door with a wag of her tail. She is a little bit of a puller on walks, but she has already improved and is a very fast learner. Daisy loves meeting new people and meeting other dog friends. She gets very excited when she sees other dogs, but she calms down quickly once she gets her sniffs in. Daisy is currently at a foster home with no children and she came from a home with no children as well. She loves everyone she meets, but can be quite strong so younger children may need to be introduced slowly until she calms her excitement.

    Daisy is the sweetest girl you will ever meet! She knows just how to use her puppy dogs eyes to get exactly what she wants and she will never fail to make your heart melt. Between her floppy ears that bounce when she trots and the way she plays with her toys like she’s still a puppy at heart, she will keep you laughing and your heart melting each and every day.

    Daisy is easily adaptable to her surroundings. If you’re up for a walk in the park, so is she. If you want to be a couch potato for the weekend, she is right there with you. Daisy is up for anything and everything as long as she gets to spend time with her person. Daisy can’t wait to meet her new furever and anyone would be incredibly lucky to hold Daisy so close to their hearts!

    Using the word her family used to describe her, Daisy is “Crazy Daisy”. But using three words of our own, she is content, goofy, and loving once she opens up and feels safe.

    Looking for a playful cuddle bug to complete your home? Fill out an application here: https://www.playersforpits.com/adoption-survey If you have specific questions before applying, please feel free to email monika@playersforpits.com or jenna@playersforpits.com If you are interested in adopting please go directly to www.playersforpits.com to apply. Inquires without specific questions will not be replied to.

    #12 Belle: Best Friends Animal Society

    Location: West LA
    Looks like: German Shepherd Dog / Mixed
    Estimated Birthdate: August 25, 2015
    Size: Large
    Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn with Black
    Sex: Female

    Belle is a big ball of love who wants to be the star in your life! Her foster describes her as "loving, sweet, [...] absolutely perfect and very well behaved." She knows basic commands, is house trained, and can be left home alone without issues. Belle tends to bark at other dogs while out on walks, but her attention is easily redirected with treats. She's a smart girl who wants to please and connect with her person. Belle is great with children and loves anyone she meets. She is a gentle giant who just wants to cuddle up with you or bring you her toys when it's playtime.

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