Rescue Hero Feature: Players for Pits!

March 24, 2021

This month's Rescue Roast partner, Players for Pits, started much like Grounds & Hounds itself: with a unique pairing. For us, it was a love of our rescue dogs and coffee that inspired us. For Players for Pits, it was the world of professional sports and rescue pups. Players for Pits founder Stephanie Paluch told us the incredible story of how they brought together athletes and animal rescue.

Stephanie Paluch, Founder of Players for Pits:
"Our rescue specializes in helping the underdogs. The dogs that come into animal control with severe wounds, extremely malnourished or they just haven't ever really gotten a true chance at life before.
Back in 2013 I was very actively involved in working in the sports world. I was in a couple different production companies and being in that atmosphere, I got to meet a lot of the different baseball players. And having that connection with the sports world as well as being in the city of Chicago really helped develop the whole concept of Players for Pits.
All of these guys want to do something with their platform. They want to help a certain cause or they want to help certain people or animals... and I was very fortunate to be connected to certain baseball players like Liam Hendriks, who to this day, him and his wife Kristi have supported us with all of our rescue efforts. And now they're actually here in Chicago with us.

When they post our dogs for adoption or to help us fundraise for one of our causes, it helps these dogs reach people we may not have been able to reach. Since we started the rescue in 2013, we have saved nearly 1500 pit bull type dogs. And while that is a huge accomplishment in itself, I am most proud of the work we do with our medical cases."

Utilizing the platforms of popular athletes, Players for Pits continues their amazing work of finding homes for some of the neediest pit bull type dogs. We here at Grounds & Hounds are incredibly honored to be partnered with them for Rescue Roast.

Don't forget that through April 15th, 100% of the profits from Rescue Roast blend will go to Players for Pits.
Please pick up a bag and together we can help some special needs pit bulls

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