Heartstrings Mug: Black Dog Edition

It may be those puppy dog eyes, the morning face licks, or the living room zoomies, but there is only one thing on the planet that knows EXACTLY how to pull on your heartstrings... and thats your pup!

Black dogs are statistically left homeless and up for adoption in shelters Four times as long than any other type of dog. This is commonly known as Black Dog Syndrome. BDS is a true phenomenon which has been observed by shelters and rescues over years of data. No one can easily explain the reasoning behind BDS, but there are many psychological theories on why people ignore our darker pups! While we cannot fix BDS overnight, we can bring awareness to it. This special black dog edition mug is dedicated to all the black pups out there waiting for their forever homes!

  • 12 oz. Stoneware 
  • Matte White Exterior & Black Glossy Interior
  • Microwave Safe
  • Stackable
  • Online Exclusive 

*Hand wash recommended