Microlot Tanzanian Peaberry

Our limited edition Tanzanian Peaberry coffee is grown in the Southern Highlands at 4,500-6,000 feet above sea level. Peaberry coffee has a unique round shape and is sought after for its rich, complex, and delicious flavor. Only 10% of coffee beans grown develop the round peaberry shape, which occurs when a coffee cherry develops a single round seed (coffee bean) versus the expected two seeds created in a normal coffee cherry. Delicately roasted to a light level, this coffee features mouthwatering notes of Milk Chocolate and Black Currant, highlighted by juicy notes of ripe Georgia Peach and a fresh Ground Cinnamon. 

  • Available in: 12 oz. Whole Bean and Ground
  • Light Roast
  • Microlot Grown
  • 100% Arabica Peaberry
  • Harvested: June-September
  • Grown 4,500-6,000 feet A.S.L
  • Fully Traceable Sourcing
  • Online Exclusive
  • Recommended Brewing: V60 Pour Over, Chemex, Drip