ABOUT Our Coffee

We believe Great Coffee can and should fuel a Greater Purpose. And for us, great coffee starts at the source. We source our green coffee from the finest growing regions throughout the world, and source only 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee. We work closely with our supply chain partners to shorten the distance from our growers to your cup maximizing freshness and quality every step of the way. At our roasting facility, we carefully curate and roast each batch using traditional European roasting methods to bring out the mouth-watering qualities that ensure

your next blend exceeds your expectations. We hope you’ll explore our wide range of organic, specialty, and direct trade coffees,

and join us in supporting rescue pups with every delicious cup.

100% Arabica

Sourced around the world from Peru, Colombia, Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Small Batch Roasted

Focusing on developing rich, savory, and full-bodied blends, ranging from light & bright to smoky & sweet.

100% Organic Certified

Our Signature Line is 100% Organic & Specialty Grade.

The Perfect Excuse to slow down & spend 15 more minutes with your best friend each morning

While our mission is to eradicate unnecessary animal euthanasia and improve animal welfare, our passion as a company is to provide and amazing coffee experience for our supporters every time they brew a cup of our coffee. Our beans are 100% Arabica and sourced from the best growing regions throughout the world.

We small batch roast our coffee focusing on developing rich, savory, and full-bodied blends, ranging from light & bright to smoky & sweet. From blends to single origins, our goal is to provide every rescue-loving, coffee-sipping superhero with an opportunity to join our mission and the perfect excuse to slow down and spend 15 more minutes with your best friend each morning!

A Coffee Club That's Made For YOU!

Roaster's Select

Our Roaster's Select Coffee Club gets the best of each season shipped to your door. A rotation of a different coffee every month of the year!

Bold Lover's 

If you love dark roasts, rich blends, and strong coffee, then this is the subscription for you! Try a new bold blend every month of the year!

Flavor Of The Month

Wake up to new flavor every month of the year! From seasonal exclusives to all time favorites, add a little excitement to your morning with Flavor of the Month!

Custom Plan For You

Choose from whole bean, ground, and single serve pods and have fresh brew delivered to your front door all year long!


We roast our coffee using a traditional European style, focusing on savory, full-bodied blends, which range from light & bright to smoky & savory. We also offer a line of seasonal Single Origin coffees, roasted to highlight each growing region’s uniqueness. 


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