Microlot Papua New Guinea Kezame

The story of coffee in Papua New Guinea is as diverse as the coffee itself. Often grown by families in their own gardens in remote areas of the Eastern Highlands, PNG coffee can display an amazing range of flavors and aromatics.

Our limited release Microlot Kezame coffee features the finest expression of what Papua New Guinea coffee can offer and will surely be a special treat for every coffee lover. Grown over 5000 feet above sea level in nutrient rich clay soils, this microlot coffee features incredible notes of chocolate dipped blueberries, honey blossom, and savory caramel. We recommend brewing it using a French Press or Pour Over to capture the wide range of bright aromatics and rich tasting notes. We have a very limited quantity of this delicious release, so be sure to try the beans while it's still roasting!  

  • Available in: Whole Bean 8 oz. 
  • Direct Trade
  • Medium-Light Roast
  • Kezame, Papua New Guinea in Clay Soil
  • 100% Arabica 
  • Milling Process: Washed & Sun Dried
  • Grown 5,000 feet above sea level
  • Limited Quantity Available