Espresso on the Move with AeroPress Go

January 13, 2021 1 Comment

Just like its full-sized sibling, the AeroPress Go is perfect for brewing an amazing Americano, espresso or even iced coffee. Its unique brewing method creates a brew with remarkably low acidity, and is the closest method for brewing espresso without having to shell out money for a traditional machine (there are attachments you can purchase for AeroPress which increase the pressure needed to brew, making the coffee even closer to your favorite espresso.

But where the AeroPress Go separates itself is in its portability. If you're always on the move and want to ensure you never find yourself stuck drinking below average hotel or gas station coffee, this accessory solves your dilemma! Boasting a carrying case that conveniently doubles as a mug, the AeroPress Go is perfect for camping, traveling or even at your desk at work.

Here's how to use it to quickly brew a delicious cup of coffee almost anywhere:

1. Place the filter in the cap and rinse with hot water.

2. Screw the filter cap into the chamber.

3. Stand the chamber on the travel mug.

4. Add one scoop of finely ground G&H Coffee.

5. Shake the chamber to level the grounds.

6. Heat your water to between 198 to 202 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Fill to the "1" on the chamber.

8. Stir with the included paddle.

9. Insert the plunger into the chamber and press down gently until the plunger reaches the grounds.

You now have a delicious shot of espresso. If you prefer an Americano, add hot water to your espresso shot. 

To find more Brewing Essentials be sure to visit our Brewing Gear collection here! 

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Kathryn Taylor
Kathryn Taylor

January 26, 2021

Had my best friend give me a subscription for the Rescue blend for Christmas. It is absolutely delicious!! Couldn’t wait to try the other blends! Also wanted to try a flavored blend so I got the vanilla and hope they come out with others that where the flavors are a bit more prevalent. Love the aroma in my house!!!!

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