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  • How the Parvo Puppy ICU Saves Lives!

    May 15, 2023 2 min read

    Parvo is a deadly disease and can cripple entire shelter organizations if it spreads through their most at-risk pups. But no longer does it need to be a death sentence thanks to the amazing work performed by our current Rescue Roast coffee partner, Austin Pets Alive Parvo ICU!

    “We started the Parvo ward in Dr. J’s bathroom, or actually she started the Parvo ward in her bathroom just treating, recognizing that it could be treated, that’s it's not a death sentence. She started treating puppies in her bathtub and then It’s grown into an entire Parvo Puppy ICU ward where we’re taking in, I think over a thousand last year.”

    “So to treat Parvo, we focus on making sure that they have enough fluids in them to prevent dehydration so we give IV and subcutaneous fluids. We also give them antiemetics which means that they stop them from vomiting and help with those symptoms.”

    “We rely heavily on donations, that's how we are able to save all these lives, so anything from fluid bags so they can stay hydrated to medications like Alexa said, antibiotics, Antiemetics, vaccines. Vaccines are the most critical part because this is 100% preventable if the puppies complete their puppy vaccines up to four months of age.

    In 2021 we saw over a thousand puppies. Currently we have over 50 dogs in our Parvo Ward which is a record, we’re projecting even higher numbers this year, so we will probably see about 1200 puppies this year In the course of the Parvo ICU. We’ve treated over 7000 Dogs since the program began.” 

    “So this is mocha, she came to us from a shelter down south, she came to Parvo about 2 weeks ago and had pretty significant symptoms. She was sick and on IV fluids, now she is feeling much better. She wants to play and go to a forever home.”

    Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. is sponsoring the Parvo Puppy ICU once again, and every order of Rescue Roast purchased before the end of June will support the  amazing efforts of Austin Pets Alive Parvo ICU!

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