How to Brew with an AeroPress Coffee Maker

October 15, 2020

One of many elegant brewing options we offer at Grounds & Hounds, the AeroPress makes a smooth cup of coffee with remarkably low acidity. This brewing method may appear complicated when you first take the device out of the box, but we promise that it's a walk in the park once you get familiar with the easy assembly and brewing steps.

Brewing with an Aeropress is as easy at home as it is on the go. All you need is hot water, ground coffee, and an Aeropressand you can make some of the finest coffee anywhere life takes you. During road trips, this device is always on hand as it's the best way to brew a delicious cup of coffee in just about any situation.

Here are a few quick tips to get you started with the AeroPress Coffee Maker:

1. Insert Paper Filter into the Filter Basket and Rinse with Hot Water

2. Screw the Cap and Wet Filter into the Brewing Chamber

3. Stand Chamber on you Mug and Add One Scoop of Finely Ground Coffee (we recommend our Two Tails Blend for a Rich and Savory Brew)

4. Heat Filtered Water to Approximately 195º. If You Don't Have an Electric Kettle, Simply Boil Your Water Then Remove Heat and Let Cool for 45 Seconds

5. Fill to Mark #1 with Hot Water and Stir with Paddle (Provided with Brewer)

6. Top Off with Desired Amount of Water

7. Let Grounds Remain Immersed in Hot Water for 60 to 75 Seconds

8. Insert Plunger and Push Down to Press Coffee Through Filter

9. Enjoy Your Freshly Brewed, Delicious Cup of Coffee! 

Even better, the AeroPress method offers incredibly easy clean up and storage. We hope the tips in this video help you make the most of your Aeropress and we hope you'll check back with us soon for all of your brewing needs!

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