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  • The Sato Project Freedom Flight Rescues 130 Pups

    October 21, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment


    In the early morning hours of October 10th, a small plane departed Puerto Rico with 130 rescue dogs and a Grounds & Hounds sticker on the side.  Hours later, this Freedom Flight, one of hundreds undertaken by The Sato Project, would land in New York, bringing each of these pups to their new home on the mainland.

    For almost a decade, the Sato Project has been a pivotal force for good in the lives of homeless dogs in Puerto Rico.  Many of these dogs on this weekend’s flight would not have survived on the streets, or in a Puerto Rican shelter where the euthanasia rate is 97%.

    Blythe, one passenger on this weekend’s flight, was typical of a Sato Project pup.  Discovered on the streets of Yabucoa, one of Puerto Rico’s poorest municipalities, she was in desperate need of veterinary care.  After extensive rehabilitation, and several touch-and-go moments, this resilient pup pulled through and won the hearts of adopters in New Jersey.  Now she is living the pampered life she deserves.

    In addition, five of the dogs on this flight were part of the “No Dog Left Behind” program.  After the devastation of Hurricane Maria, many families made the difficult decision to leave Puerto Rico and could not bring their pups with them.  The Sato Project has been working to make these families whole again.  This past weekend five more are now back where they belong: in the home of the people who love them.

    Grounds & Hounds was proud to sponsor this flight through our Rescue Roast program.  But it’s only a small part of the work undertaken by The Sato Project.  Since 2011, this amazing group has rescued and re-homed over 5,000 dogs and spayed or neutered 7,000 animals.  The work ahead remains daunting, however, as estimated there are still 500,000 homeless dogs on the island of Puerto Rico.

    Which is why we wanted to help in any way we could.  Through November 15th, 100% of profits from your purchases of the Rescue Roast blend are benefitting this incredible group.  Through your support, Rescue Roast continues to reach new heights. 

    Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of so many pups, one cup at a time!

    1 Response

    Carolyn Collins
    Carolyn Collins

    May 10, 2021

    I met one of your rescues, a female named Blue, walking on a retired farm in Barrington, RI. She arrived via New Jersey last August. She was beautiful and healthy, so joyful to be out in the open fields and so obviously well loved. Your organization surely has a rewarding mission.

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