How to Make a Delicious Caffe Mocha

November 10, 2020

Perfect for coffee drinkers with a sweet tooth, the Mocha is a great way to sneak in a chocolate fix in the morning, or add a little caffeine to your after dinner dessert. The Caffe Mocha is essentially a latte with a touch of chocolate, here's how to make your own:

1.) Brew 2 oz of espresso (double shot)

2.) Steam 10 oz of whole milk

3.) Pour 1 oz of chocolate syrup into a glass

4.) Pour the double shot of espresso over the chocolate

5.) Add the 10 oz of steamed whole milk. 

More formally called a "caffè mocha," as with most coffee beverages, it has been shortened in English speaking countries to simply "mocha." Interestingly, the word "mocha" doesn't actually mean chocolate. It references the port of Mocha in Yemen, a longtime hub of the coffee trade.

Though it can't be definitively said how "mocha" came to mean "chocolate," it's possible that it has to do with the chocolate tasting notes of certain arabica beans, the type of coffee beans traded out of Mocha, Yemen.

Regardless of the name, the key to making an incredible mocha is to start with a great espresso. The Two Tails Espresso Blend was specifically created to brew the perfect espresso shot.

Or, if the mocha doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth, you may want to try something from our chocolate line. Whether it's our Original, Mexican or Peppermint hot chocolate, or our delicious espresso chocolate bar, you'll find something to feed your chocolate cravings.

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