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  • How to Make a Macchiato

    December 18, 2020 1 min read

    A macchiato is perfect for espresso lovers who want to enjoy just a touch of dairy. It's simply an espresso with a light touch of milk foam. Here are the very easy steps to make your own macchiato at home.

    1.) Froth a small cup of whole milk

    2.) Brew 2 oz of espresso (double shot)

    3.) Spoon out 2 oz of milk foam into a small glass

    4.) Pour the espresso in the glass.

    There are numerous coffee drinks that combine a shot of espresso with milk. But the macchiato is the one with the highest ratio of espresso to milk. At one to one, the dash of milk smooths the taste while preserving more of the bold flavor of the espresso than say a latte or flat white.

    As with most coffee beverages, the full name is actually longer. Called a caffè macchiato or espresso macchiato in other parts of the world, macchiato has become shorthand for ordering the drink in the U.S. The term macchiato loosely translates to "marked," which has origins in servers marking glasses to denote which espressos should have milk added.

    So, if you're ready to add a touch of milk foam to your espresso, better start with the best espresso. We recommend our Two Tails Espresso Blendto ensure your macchiato has the perfect espresso base. And for all other coffee and pup saving gear, visit us at www.groundsandhoundscoffee.com

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