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  • Keeping Families Together with Animal Friends

    May 13, 2022 1 min read

    When families encounter financial difficulties, pets are frequently turned over to shelters, simply to ensure they have food to eat. To address this issue, our Rescue Roast partner, Animal Friends of Pittsburgh, PA created the Chow Wagon community program.

    "The Chow Wagon pet food pantry assists about 1,800 people a month with about 10,000 pounds of pet food which is an astronomical number outside of extraordinary circumstances. The Chow Wagon program kind of operates as a safety net program for folks who maybe are going through a hard time financially and during that event, we are able to assist 1,600 pets in our community with over 16,000 pounds of pet food. That's like 8 pallets of pet food going out in the community to support the individuals in need.This program is still so necessary for the lives that we are touching daily." 

    This amazing program provides a safety net for families in need, so they aren't forced to make the terrible decision of parting from their pets due to unforeseen financial difficulties. Keeping pets with their loved ones, and keeping pets out of shelters, that's a mission we will always support!

    Help us support this amazing program by purchasing Rescue Roast through this weekend! 

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