Rescue Pup Feature: Malibu

March 22, 2022 3 min read

Every rescue pup has a story to tell, and we want to hear it all! From love at first sight, to long walks together, to lessons on NOT eating your favorite shoes…we want to hear how your #SoulPup has changed your life!

Today, we are talking to one of our Brand Ambassadors, Malibu to learn more about their story!

Instagram: @malibusmama 36.3K

Age: 7-8 ish

Breed: Pit/Staffy mix

Gotcha Day: July 1, 2015

Digging Deeper 

How did you meet your human/First Moment?

I was surrendered to a high kill shelter in Southern California in December of 2014. I was pulled by a rescue group after being networked on Facebook because the shelter thought I was pregnant.   Once I got to the vet they determined I was not pregnant and the Foster decided not to Foster me. I then went to a boarding facility where I met my mom. She was a volunteer who walked dogs to get them exposure and exercise who did not have a place to go after leaving the shelter.


What’s your favorite thing to do with your people? 

My favorite thing to do with my people is to go on car rides, adventures on trails and playing tug of war.


What’s your morning routine?

 My morning routine starts with kisses and pets in bed.  Once I roll out from the covers I usually stretch and start the day. I go for a potty out in the yard. I eat breakfast and then we walk a mile or so around the neighborhood.


What’s it like being an Instagram star? Have you ever been recognized in real life?

 I don't really consider myself an Instagram star. I just want to be able to be an advocate for shelter adoption and especially show how loving pit bulls are.  I have been recognized a few times when out on a walk or in a store. I love meeting people who know me and give them lots of and tail wags and kisses.


What’s your next big adventure?

We just finished a big adventure leaving our home state of California and relocated to northern Arizona.. Every weekend gives us the opportunity to get out and explore new places that we have not been to. 


What are some of your favorites... toys, treats, activities?

I love playing hide-and-seek and some of my favorite toys are my dinosaurs which I have one for every season.. I'm very gentle with my toys and never destroy them. I even have my very 1st toy that I got when I came to My new home. Rope toys are also my favorite so I can tease my parents to play with me then I run away so they chase me.


What made you choose to partner with Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co? 

What made us choose to partner with Grounds & Hounds was their Passion to support rescue and adoption.  We try to only work with companies who benefit the dogs and educate people that shelters and rescue dogs are just as deserving as any other..


Tell us about your humans

My humans have been married for 14 years and both work from home. Dad is a fitness fitness coach and mom works for the government.


Meet the Heroes 

How did you hear about the rescue/find your pup?

I first learned about Malibu after seeing her on Facebook. I saw a video of her in her kennel and was and was immediately drawn to her caramel eyes and sweet demeanor.


Tell us about how your pup has impacted/changed your life?

Adopting Malibu has really opened up our world to be part of the rescue community and to be the loudest voice we can for educating people about new breed advocacy, nutrition, training, etc. 


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