Top 10 Gift Guide for the Coffee Aficionado

November 02, 2022 3 min read

At Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. we pride ourselves in our fantastic coffee which not only tastes delicious, but also gives back to a greater purpose! We love that every single one of our customers can enjoy a cup of coffee and know that every cup helps a pup! We have put together the perfect gift guide for all those coffee-lovers out there! 

1. Espresso Essentials Bundle

For the espresso lover in your life! Each bundle features a single espresso cup imprinted with the spotted inspiration behind Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co, a ceramic saucer, the Perfect Measure Coffee Scoop, and of course our Two Tails Espresso!

2. Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle

Looking for a premium gift to make your loved one extra happy this holiday season? Look no further! The dream-come-true kettle for the coffee lover, is the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric kettle. As functional and well made as it is beautiful, this electric kettle is the perfect addition to every coffee lovers kitchen. With an incredibly accurate variable temperature control, gooseneck spout, brewing stopwatch, and ergonomic handle, you will be able identify and repeat the exact water temperature and pouring control needed to perfect your favorite brewing method.

3. Chemex 8 Cup Pour Over with Filters

The only thing more beautiful than this pour over's design is the quality of coffee it produces! Make the most out of your favorite beans with our CHEMEX Eight Cup brewer (includes one case of CHEMEX® Bonded Filters). 

4. Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Primula

We all have that one friend who drinks iced coffee all year round! This cold brew coffee maker is the perfect gift for them! Create the perfect cold brew from the comfort of your kitchen with our simple, sleek, and delicious cold brew system by Primula. Utilizing BPA free casing, temperature safe glass, and a fine mesh metal filter, you can fine tune your cold brew strength and brewing time to perfectly match your sipping preference.

5. Hario Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Ask your coffee aficionado friends about the water they use to brew their coffee. Creating the perfect cup of coffee requires the brewing with the perfect water temperature. With our Hario Electric Gooseneck Kettle, you'll be able to quickly and effortlessly bring water to the ideal temperature every time you brew with an easy one flip switch to turn on kettle auto power and off when kettle comes to a boil.

6. Single Origin Explorer’s Kit

Venturing from the canopied jungles of Colombia to the volcanic soil of Papua New Guinea, our Explorer's Kit will let you experience the world's best coffee growing regions and diverse styles from the comfort of your kitchen table! Our Explorer's kit includes three 6 oz. bags of our 100% Fair Trade Organic, 100% Arabica, whole bean coffees listed below.
7. Single Origin Microlot Coffee

8. The Great Indoors Mug & Matching Sweatshirt

For the outdoors-y friend who also loves a good cup of joe! Our Great Indoors collection is all about us wanting to make sure you're properly fueled for every adventure with your sidekick. Whether it's trips to the park or hiking to a mountain peak, we need to make sure you always brew the best! With the help of our in-house coffee conscious pit bull, we have an important message; Only You Can Prevent Bad Coffee!

9. Three Blend Starter Kit

Not sure where to start for gifting? Looking for the perfect gift but can't decide which beans to send? Our Three Blend Sample Pack is here to help! Our sample pack includes three bags of our most popular 100% Organic blends (available in 6 oz. & 12 oz. bags and Single Serve Pods). Choose whether you'd like Whole Bean, Ground or Single Serve Pods!

10. Coffee Club Subscription

Share the gift of great coffee all year long with loved ones! Choose from whole bean, ground, and single serve pods and have fresh brew delivered to your lucky loved ones all season! 

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