Why We Rescue

Seven years ago today, I adopted my best friend and the inspiration for our company, Molly. 

One morning I was walking to breakfast, had no intention of adding a dog to my life, and a small brown and white Dalmatian crawled over into my lap. When she tucked her nose into my jacket, I knew I was leaving with my best friend. 

 Without Molly, Grounds and Hounds wouldn't exist. And she serves as our daily inspiration to make sure every pup has a chance to find a loving life and contribute to happiness, just like Molly contributes to mine. 

 Every year, 2.1 million dogs are euthanized in the United States. We want that number to be zero. And that's why at Grounds and Hounds we donate 20% of our profits to funding animal rescue initiatives. 

 But the easiest way for you to make a difference is to go out there and adopt and support your local rescue organization. 

 We hope you'll join us in changing the world one pup and one cup at a time. I thank you, Molly thanks you, and here's to seven more great years.

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