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  • Feed a Pup for 7 Days with Every Bag Purchased!

    July 19, 2021 2 min read

    One bag of Rescue Roast = one week of pet meals. That's the amazing impact of this month's Rescue Roast Partnership with The Anti-Cruelty Society, based in Chicago IL. Through their Pop-Up Pet Food Pantry, this incredible group has been serving up meals and supplies for pet owners in need since March of 2020.

    Every year, around 1,600 animals are turned into The Anti-Cruelty Society. It's never an easy decision, and for many it's a hard financial calculation. They do not have the money to support their pet. The Anti-Cruelty Society saw an acceleration of this trend, especially as the pandemic developed, and decided to act.

    By giving struggling owners a hand with pet supplies, the organization has kept thousands of pets in their homes where they're loved. Programs like these are probably the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to keep the shelters clear. After all, it's magnitudes less expensive to help out a struggling pet owner than it is to take in, temporarily house and rehome a pet.

    Since its inception, the Pop-Up Pet Food Pantry has distributed 626,000 pet meals. The Anti-Cruelty Society figures that number translates to about 4,500 Chicagoland families who were given the ability to continue caring for their pets. They were freed from the hard choice of providing for themselves or their pets, and the result was fewer pets entering shelters.

    We're ecstatic to be working with another community food program like this one. You may recall our great success working with the incredible Cleveland APL and their C.A.R.E. program. We saw the firsthand success of initiatives like these, and how the impact of helping the local community is so much larger than a just bag of food.

    Through August 31st, 100% of the profits from Rescue Roast will benefit The Anti-Cruelty Society and their Pop-Up Food Pantries. For every bag of Rescue Roast sold, we will be helping provide roughly one week of pet meals to families in need. So please grab a bag of Rescue Roast and help us keep families together.

    Support with every purchase of Rescue Roast here! 

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