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  • Helping Veterans With Marley's Mutts

    November 01, 2021 2 min read

    We teamed up with Marley’s Mutts earlier this year in July to support their amazing Pawsitive Change Prison rehabilitation program with our Rescue Roast Blend. Their incredible mission is to rehabilitate both people and dogs, by putting the toughest rescues through a 14 week training program within California State Prisons. It’s been absolutely life-changing for those involved, inmates AND dogs.

    Now we’re teaming up with them again for a special Veteran’s Day twist. For the next two weeks, we’re supporting Marley’s Mutts again, but this time Marley’s Mutts is going one step further.

    Typically, rehabilitated Pawsitive Change pups are put up for adoption, where they’ve seen amazing success meeting and living with their new forever homes. But now, Marley’s Mutts is plucking the absolute superstars from Pawsitive Change to receive additional training. Now instead of just being great companions they’ll become fully trained emotional support dogs. And those support dogs are going to go to some of our nation’s veterans who’ve been struggling. But this kind of giving requires a team up! So they’ve partnered with the amazing group, Hounds and Heroes, to help assign these support dogs to a veteran in need, at absolutely no cost to them.

    We’re so excited to be supporting this program, and our nation’s veterans. So until November 15th, 100% of the profits from Rescue Roast will go to Marley’s Mutts, to specifically help fund their emotional support dog program with Hounds & Heroes. So please pick up a bag of Rescue Roast to help give a second chance not only to some incredible pups but to help a veteran in need.

    To join in, pick up a bag of Rescue Roast here!

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