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  • About the Heroes: Secondhand Hounds

    February 14, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

    Who says second chances don't exist? Every pup deserves the chance to cuddle up on the couch with someone special; the chance to steal a few glances while you eat your pizza; the chance to run free in a park knowing that a doggie treat is waiting at home. We are forever grateful to the rescues that make these chances a reality and this month, Secondhand Hounds is joining us as our Rescue Roast Program recipient!

     Rocky (Available For Adoption)

    Founded in July of 2009, this Minnesota-based rescue has made an unforgettable, positive impact on the lives of so many dogs (and cats) throughout their community. Every day while these pups await their forever home, they greet the morning in a safe, friendly environment where proper veterinary care and necessities are in paws reach.

    "My favorite part of working at Secondhand Hounds is not only the variety of animals we get to save, but also the people. I've never met such a dedicated group of volunteers, fosters and community partners who simply want to save dogs & cats. They're support helps our programs continue to grow year after year." Events Manager, Sarah Condon

    With the 100% of the profits from Rescue Roast, we will be supporting Secondhand Hound's newly launched Neonatal Program. This incredible program benefits at-risk puppies who unfortunately encounter medical issues at birth. Your purchase of Rescue Roast Blend will help Secondhand Hounds treat these newborns with health issues ranging from limb deformities, Swimmers Syndrome, pneumonia as well as provide short/long term care until they reach full strength. For additional information about this amazing program, please feel free to contact neonatal@secondhandhounds.org.

    Grounds & Hounds is thrilled to support the Secondhand Hounds team as they continue to change the world and provide as many pups as possible with a second chance.



    1 Response

    Sharon J Nicholson
    Sharon J Nicholson

    June 11, 2021

    I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I am very much a dog lover who happens to be a senior interested in providing a sharing my apartment with a small dog. I lost my 12 year old Cavalier King Charles, Star, to congestive heart failure and I have always had a had a gentle and furry love in my life. Star weighed 20lbs. MAX on the other hand hand been rescued by the County Sheriff’s Office from a drug gang filled out to 90 lbs. in his prime. He was an American Bulldog, but mistaken for a Pitbull and had been horribly abused. Both were sweethearts.
    ****How does ones provide a FOREVER HOME FOR A “SECOND CHANCE PUPPY MILL DOG”? I’m a senior resident of Spokane, WA 99216

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