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  • 12 Adoptable Pups of Christmas 2020

    December 03, 2020 5 min read 1 Comment

    It’s time for our favorite, and most important, post of the season! Teaming up with some of our favorite rescues, here are 12 adoptable pups that need a little extra help finding their forever home.  Even if you’re not ready for a new pup in your life, sharing their stories could lead them to the perfect family.


    1. Chuck - Heartland Animal Shelter - Northbrook, IL

    Chuck is a goofy and sweet Plott Hound mix who is about 9.5 years old.  He is very treat motivated and a sucker for good neck scratches.  Despite having hip dysplasia, he is a normal, energetic dog and loves people.  However, he needs a home without kids, cats or other dogs.  In the right home, this handsome guy will be the center of attention!

    Find out more about Chuck:  https://heartlandanimalshelter.org/adoptable-dogs/

    2. Lincoln - Nevada SPCA - Las Vegas, NV

    Lincoln is truly a goofy, gentle giant. He adores every single person he meets and loves to play with everyone. Lincoln is a bright spirit and a happy-go-lucky boy who gets along great with kids and other dogs.  He has some issues with skin allergies which requires medication and maintenance.  But if you’re able to keep up with his care, he’d be a perfectly sweet addition to your home.

    Find out more about Lincoln:  https://nevadaspca.org/adoptable-dogs/


    3. Bucky - Strong Paws Rescue - Westchester, NY

    Bucky is a 2 year old pit bull mix who has 70lbs of love to give. While not much is known about his history, his foster parents say that Bucky loves to be where the humans are, preferably with food and lots of scratches and ear rubs. He is playful and social with other dogs, cats, and kiddos.  He needs a home with a fenced yard to help run off all his puppy energy.

    Find out more about Bucky:  https://www.strongpawsrescue.org/adoptable-dogs


    4. Rufus - NW Canine Coalition - Issaquah, WA

    Rufus is a big, friendly and affectionate boy who loves a good squirrel chase.  He is a big lover boy and fairly mellow but will gladly play fetch with you for an entire day. What is most adorable about him is that he likes to carry around rocks and even has favorites!  Rufus would do best in a home with older kids.  He can get along with other dogs, but his opinion about cats is unknown.

    Find out more about Rufus: https://savinggreatanimals.org/our-services/adopt/ 

    5. Tiny Tim - It’s a Pittie Rescue - Peotone, IL

    Tiny Tim is a happy and fun pup. He loves playing with the other dogs at his foster home, playing with his toys, taking walks in his wheelchair and snuggling on the couch. Tiny Tim came to the rescue with a fractured spine and so is in a wheelchair as he is partially paralyzed.  But, if you’ve got the patience to work with Tiny Tim’s wheelchair, he’ll give you the same love as any other pup.

    Find out more about Tiny Tim:  https://rescueapittie.org/adopt/available-dogs/

    6. Lexi - Last Hope K9 Rescue - Boston, MA

    Lexi is a beautiful senior girl who loves to be near her humans and curl up next to you for a cuddle! She can be nervous in new situations and may want to run or hide, so she may do better in a home with set routines. She gets along well with other dogs with proper intros, but may bark in excitement when seeing them on walks. Lexi is on a special diet for her allergies and skin that will need to be maintained. While Lexi has been great with children, we suggest older children only. Lexi is motivated to learn and would make a confident and wonderful companion!

    Find out more about Lexi:  https://www.lasthopek9.org/adoptable-dogs/

    7. Fireball - Lucky Mutts Rescue - Milwaukee, WI

    Fireball is about 1-2 years old and around 50 lbs of high energy.  He loves his morning walks and, despite his energy, is very good walking on the leash -- he ignores other dogs and even squirrels.  Fireball is great with sharing toys and bones, but needs to eat his meals away from his foster brother dogs.  He occasionally gets the zoomies and loves to wrestle with his dog brothers, so he would be best in a home without small kids to knock over.  If you’ve got an active lifestyle and need a high energy companion, Fireball might be the one for you!

    Find out more about Fireball:  https://www.luckymuttsrescue.org/adopt


    8. Maple - OC Pom Rescue - Placentia, CA

    Maple is a leash, crate-trained, and potty-trained senior pup. She loves the outdoors and hanging in her foster mom's backyard. She does a happy dance for food and has the cutest permanently-raised bat ears.  Maple is a bit of a sassy grandma who can be nippy and she isn't a huge cuddler. But she’d do great in a loving and understanding home with a touch of discipline for her sunset years!

    Find out more about Maple:  https://www.ocpomrescue.com/dogs


    9. Ladybug - Pets in Need - Palo Alto, CA

    Ladybug is a super loving, sweet, and affectionate girl. About 2 years old and 45 pounds, she adores people and thrives on their attention. She loves to spend her days playing and exploring outside and then cuddling up next to people in the evenings. Ladybug is very smart and treat motivated which has made her training super fun. She is leash trained, she easily learned all the basic commands including tricks like shake, spin, and jump, and she picked up a variety of agility exercises in just a few minutes. Between her awesome personality and adorable face, Ladybug really is the full package.  She simply needs to be the star of the show, however, and should find a home without other dogs, kids or cats.

    Find out more about Ladybug:  https://www.petsinneed.org/dogs


    10. Annie - Southern Cross Animal Rescue - Laurel, MS

    Annie is a 2.5 year old bulldog/pit mix who is currently fostered in a home with multiple other animals, including large and small breed dogs and cats. She does great with everyone! She is patient, yet playful. Given her high energy, Annie might do best in a home with no small children and a fenced in yard.

    Find out more about Annie:  http://www.southerncrossanimalrescue.org


    11. Mavis - Speranza Animal Rescue - Mechanicsburg, PA

    Mavis is a sweet 3.5 year old beagle/pit mix.  Among the things she loves in life are Pupperoni, squeaky toys, snuggling, car rides and sitting on laps.  She hates getting up early (I'm sure we can all relate).  She knows basic commands and loves playing outside -- a home with a fence would be amazing! She is smitten with her 2 year old human foster sister, so kids are no problem.  Mavis would probably do best in a home without other dogs, though.  If you’ve got room on your couch for this sweet pup, she’s ready for her forever home!

    Find out more about Mavis:  https://www.speranzarescue.org/available-to-adopt


    12. Penny - Stand Up Pups Rescue - Atlanta, GA

    Penny is a 1-2 years old pit/lab mix who loves to be loved, enjoys cozy blankets, smiles in her sleep and is, above all, grateful to be in a comfy foster home and out of the shelter/outdoors where she has spent her life thus far.  She is currently undergoing treatments for heartworm, but is a fighter and should recover well.  One thing about Penny -- she loves to eat!  She especially likes her sweet potato treats and is a huge fan of playing with toys.  Penny is guaranteed to make her forever family very, very happy.

    Find out more about Penny:  https://standuppups.org/

    1 Response

    Tammy Carden
    Tammy Carden

    December 13, 2020

    Thank you so, so much for what you are doing. I work for an organization called Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, TN which, is a no kill shelter that we have to work very hard to achieve. I see first hand what adoption means to the fur babies and their new parents. I have enjoyed your coffee and it is now something I enjoy gifting for the holidays and special occasions. Thank you again for what you do!

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