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  • 30 Nicknames for Pit Bulls by Pibble Parents

    December 10, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

    We think the term “Pit Bull” doesn’t quite capture the essence of these lovable pups.  So, in an effort to find a better fit, here are 30 other fun nicknames for pit bulls.

    1. Pibbles: A cute turn on the old label, this should be the new standard.
    2. Goofs: These puppers aren’t exactly stoic, so goofs is pretty accurate.  Especially when their tongues flop to the side of their mouths.
    3. Goofballs: Same as a goof, but in ball form.
    4. Goobers: Slightly different from a goof, goober captures the sometimes clumsy nature of these doggos.
    5. Blubbers: These pups can get a lot of treats from being good boys or good girls.  So, sometimes, blubber applies.
    6. Boopers: They’ve got boops.  You can boop their snoots.  Hence, they’re boopers.
    7. Bloopers: Like boopers, but with a touch of loving, clumsy derpness.
    8. Lovebugs: I mean, just look at them!  They’re lovers.
    9. Kiss Factories: They are incredibly efficient producers of kisses, if you let them.
    10. Toy Destroyers: Because what fun is a toy if it isn’t in a thousand pieces within a minute?
    11. Treat Monsters: A treat monster is a creature who can hear plastic crinkle from 2 rooms away.
    12. Land seals: Close cousin to the Blubber, a land seal likes to laze.
    13. Land manatees: A land seal that lives in Florida.
    14. Land Rovers: This one we might’ve made up.
    15. Block Heads: Maybe it’s an insult to Charlie Brown, but to us, their cube noggin’ are the best part about them.
    16. Melon Heads: A more rounded block head.
    17. Meatball Heads: For the more rounded block heads that you want to squish.
    18. Wiggle Butts: For some of these pups, the tail wagging starts at the midsection.
    19. Nosy Noodles: Oh, were you sitting on the ground?  You must want to be accosted by kisses.
    20. Fuzzy Tanks: If they’re intent on coming through, sometimes it’s best to just let them go by.
    21. Big Squishes: Often used as an interrogative.  As in, “Who’s a big squish?”
    22. Velvet Hippos: They’re big and they’re soft, so they’re practically the same thing.  Except they don’t live in water.
    23. Sofa Whales: It’s a scientific fact that a dog is at its greatest mass when occupying your couch or bed.
    24. Tuskless Walruses: It’s the giant eyes and snouts that draw the comparison to a Walruses… you know, minus the tusks.
    25. Pitopotamuses:See: Velvet Hippos.
    26. Cows, but with a personality: Cows can be cute, but do they ever jump four feet in the air when you come home?
    27. Furry Linebackers: These pups would be great at football, if face licking wasn’t a 15 yard penalty.
    28. Muscle Plushies: They’re strong & soft.  Like if The Rock was a teddy bear and afraid of thunder.
    29. Squirmy Blankets: They’re warm and snuggly, but if they haven’t gotten their walk, good luck getting them to stay still.
    30. My kids: Because once they’re in your family, they’re in your heart forever.  And they’re in the will, sorry human kids.

    There you have it, 30 different names for Pit Bulls.  So, whatever you’re calling your land seal, thank you for giving these goofballs a home. And to find all of the morning essentials for every Pibble Parent, be sure to check out our Lovable Collection! 

    1 Response

    Patricia Board
    Patricia Board

    December 15, 2020

    I received an early Christmas present from my son and his wife: your blue handcrafted coffee mug and wonderful Keurig coffee and hot cocoa. W hat a great introduction to your company! A wonderful gesture and wonderful everyday reminder of the month they and their dog Reggie traveled cross country to care for me after I came home from the hospital. Thank you for letting us all be part of your family.

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